Denomination of Origin: Cava – OrganicBrut

Elaboration: Cold maceration for 6 hours to extract the primary aromas (terpenes).

Fermentation:Two fermentations at low temperature

Aged in bottlefor 12 months

Variety: Macabeo and Chardonnay

Vineyard age: 15 year old, in Requena (Valencia). The vineyard is worked in organic viticulture. The wine is elaborated with excellent raw material, using only the best ripe and balanced grapes.

Types of soil: claysoils

Elaboration: cold maceration for 6 hours to extract the primary aromas (terpenes). Pressed softly staying only with the most noble fraction of the must to reach the finesse expressed by this cava.

Two fermentations at low temperature, 16 ºC, the first (in stainless deposits) and the second (in bottle), looking for a fruity and floral aromatic range so characteristic in this Valencian cava.

The expedition liqueur that we have used has been elaborated with the same base wine with which the second fermentation was carried out, seeking to respect the original characteristics of this cava.

Aged in bottle for 12 months.

Pale yellow with green undertones, bright, fine bubble and persistent foam.

On the nose it displays intense aromas of white fruits such as pear and apple, with notes of citrus and flowers.

The palate is fresh and floral, with balanced acidity leaving a long and elegant memory.


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