Nowadays Manuel also works as a consultant in different wineries in the Spain (Castile-La Mancha, Madrid and Galicia). In these wineries he is the person primarily responsible for the vineyards and vinification. He works both with autochthonous and foreign varieties.

Manuel Manzaneque Suárez studied Viticulture and Oenology at the prestigious lycee ‘Agropolis’ in Montpellier (France). After working in several prestigious wineries in the South of France, Spain and Bordeaux, such as the 2001 vintage at Chateau Le Bon Pasteur (Pomerol – France) reporting directly to Michel Rolland.

For 10 years he has been the technical director of his family’s winery in El Bonillo (Albacete – Spain). He was primarily responsible for viticulture and oenology matters of this Pago.

He also worked in the marketing and sales. He has participated in several activities to disseminate wine culture, such as a speaker at different universities conferences, in activities for sommeliers, presentations of the prestigious association Grandes Pagos de España, radio, television, etc.

In 2011 he commenced his own projects, and in 2012 he definitely leaves the family winery as a result of management changes in the winery due to his father’s illness.


He commenced the ¡Ea! Wines project, for the purposes of rescuing old autochthonous variety vineyards. After several tests using Bobal and Garnacha Tintorera grape varieties, he started working with Cencibel from old vineyards, from 40 to 70 year old vines, in D.O. La Mancha. What he wanted to obtain, as a result of these old vines, was a great truly decadent, wine and with an excellent price-quality ratio.


The range of wines was increased with the ¡Ea! White, elaborated primarily with Macabeo and Airén, autochthonous varieties of grapes in the area. With which it is intended to expand the initial project following the same philosophy based on old vines and autochthonous varieties.


Mil Cepas was created in 2014, a new concept of wines in our Project, based on the core idea “one vineyard  …one wine”, selecting different vineyards in different regions to elaborate great wines, signature wines, in essence, wines with a soul. And based on this premise, in 2016  the first Mil Cepas Cencibel was launched onto the market and the Mil Cepas Bobal in 2018.

He has also regularly collaborated in both programmes at a local radio station (Es radio Albacete) and on the regional television channel (Castilla la Mancha Televisión). For example, the television programme ‘La Vinoteca’, where he produces and presents a section called ‘De la cepa a la copa’ where he explains the entire processes of the wine from the vineyard to the table. He also collaborates in a very active manner with different sommelier and wine lovers associations. He is very passionate about nature, the countryside, vineyards, the wine world and gastronomy, and he states that he is really lucky as he does what he likes most in the world.

Manuel does not rule out expanding the wine range in the future, but doing so slowly and surely, reason why he never stops going over different vineyards in La Mancha and other regions, in order to increase his knowledge about different soils and grapes.


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