Manuel Manzaneque Suárez graduated as a ‘Viticulture and Oenology technician’ from the prestigious Lycee ‘Agropolis Montpellier’ in France.

After working in several prestigious wineries in France and Spain, and as technical director of his family’s winery in Bonillo for 10 years, he was primarily responsible for all viticulture and oenology matters of this Pago, and from 2011 became a winery consultant.

His work in small wineries is to act as technical director of the winery, managing the vineyard and the winery, being responsible for all the work to be undertaken in the vineyard and winery.

The vineyards is worked in an organic manner, several vineyards have been reconverted from traditional to organic viticulture , or, in certain cases, traditional viticulture, using treatments only when necessary.

Directly involved in all Processes, pruning, green pruning, soilworks, irrigation, treatments and harvesting. In the winery, he manages the entire vinification process and adapting theses processes in each winery depending on its philosophy, terroir and conditions.

Manuel has vast experience in vineyards and winery, and a great entrepreneurial and commercial vision, where he seeks to get the best out of each winery, creating competitive wines in different ranges and markets, but above all seeking to create pleasant and enjoyable wines which are a true joy to consumers.

He does not take on many projects and undertakes an exhaustive control of each project. A hard worker and who keenly understands the requirements and needs of each vineyard and winery.

In other larger projects, he is a mere oenologist, adapting himself to the needs of each winery.

Wherever possible, he always tries to apply an intuitive oenology, to utmost respect the raw material and its identity.

He is a great wine-taster and has vast knowledge and expertise in ageing wines in oak barrels.

A hard worker and who is constantly involved in the entire process and each project, so much so that in certain projects nothing further needs to be undertaken than the implementation of each field and winery.


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